As these generations and pages of our
family history unfold it is my hope that
you will not only learn more about the past,
but begin to understand how it relates to the
present and future. Were it not for the
struggles, failures and triumphs of past
generations of this family we would not be
here to prepare the path for future generations.
We each have our own story to tell and each
story is important.

We have lost much from the stories of previous
generations and the paper trail is faint, but
it can be found through perseverance. I hope
each of you will join in this effort I have
begun to preserve your own history for future
generations. We are each an important part of
God's masterpiece of creation, and each story
needs to be told so future generations will
understand how they came to be.

I started this project at the age of 12 with
the help and encouragement of my parents.
My father, shortly before his death asked
me to keep working on the family history and
I promised him I would. This on-going
project is not only keeping my promise to
my father, but is also a legacy for my children
and grandchildren and all generations to come.
A wonderful gift from the past to the future!

Marilyn Winstanley Graham

There are two lasting things you can
give your is roots,
the other is wings.

Hodding Carter



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