Elizabeth Catherine Hamilton
Born: March 30, 1915
Dickerson, North Dakota
St. Louis, Missouri
Clarence John Brocker
Children of Betty and Clarence
Robert Clarence Brocker
Born: December 15, 1945
Sharon Kern
Robert Hamilton Brocker
Born: March 30, 1948

Helen Harriet
Born: March 30, 1915
Dickerson, North Dakota
September 29, 1935
Summerfield, Illinois
Lester William
Children of Helen and Lester
Donald Lester Schmitt
Born: October 09, 1937
Summerfield, Illinois
Died: January 25, 1964
Belleville, illinois
David William
Born: March 13, 1941
Breese, Illinois
Sally Helen
Born: December 07, 1942
Belleville, Illinois

Monica Cecil Hamilton
Born: May 14, 1916
Fayette, North Dakota
October 24, 1946
St. Louis, Missouri
Harold Louis Schnieder
Children of Monica and Harold
Cynthia Ruth Schnieder
Born: October 30, 1948
Belleville, Illinois
Married: Robert
Boston, Massachusetts
Michael Allan Schnieder
Born: November 20, 1949
Belleville, Illinois
Lynn Bellebradic
June 17, 1970
Jerseyville, Illinois
Brian Peter Schnieder
Born: August 10, 1951

Joan Frances Hamilton
Born: August 29, 1917
North Dakota
December 26, 1939
St. Louis, Missouri
Lester John Haury

Children of Joan and Lester
Earl John Haury
Born: January 11, 1942
Breese, Illinois
Sue Lynn Heinke
January 23, 1963
Belleville, Illinois
Philip Lester Haury
Born: March 12, 1945
Breese, Illinois
Kathleen Ruderer
February 08, 1969
St. Clair Co., Illinois
Mary Ann Haury
Born: August 09, 1954
Breese, Illinois
Michael Robert Williams
September 22, 1973
Trenton, Illinois

Felix Ignatius
Hamilton Fellhauer
Born: September, 1919
Oelwein, Iowa

Child of Feliex and Ruth
Anna Kay Fellhauer

Patrick Kenneth Joyce
Born: April 07, 1917
Wadena, Iowa
1. Kathryn Mary McCulloch
January 05, 1943
Ossian, Iowa
2. Vergil Ramona Rolfs Smith
January 27, 1982

Children of Patrick and Kathryn
Patrick Charles Joyce
Born: July 30, 1944
Michael John Joyce
Born: August 01, 1947
Margurite Ann Joyce
Born: December 04, 1949
Kevin Kenneth Joyce
Born: April 10, 1955
Kathryn Jo Joyce
Born: May 16, 1963

Viola Marie Joyce
Born: February 25, 1921
Wadena, Iowa
1. Dean Blake
September 12, 1942
2. Robert Scully
April 14, 1948
Wadena, Iowa

Child of Viola and Dean
Mary Deann Blake
Born: September 29, 1943
Children of Viola and Robert
Marcia Marie Scully
Born: January 09, 1949
Neil Robert Scully
Born: November 20, 1950
Patricia Jane Scully
Born: July 30, 1952
Maureen Ellen Scully
Born: December 07, 1955
Christine Ann Scully
Born: August 08, 1959

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