Mary Helena
Born: April 16, 1911
Oelwein, Iowa
Died: April 21, 1964
Laguna Canyon, California
Oelwein, Iowa
James Devers
Child of Mary and James
Mary Darlene Devers
Born: February 16, 1930
Oelwein, Iowa
1. Unknown
2. Don Charles Campbell
3. David Crickmays Maycock

Loretta Agnes
Born: August 11, 1916
Fayette, North Dakota
September 1934
Willim Henry
Children of Loretta and William
Teresa Dorthy Roberts
Born: 1935
William Myrnice Roberts
Born: 1937
Andrea Jean Roberts
Born: 1939
Loretta Joyce Roberts
Born: 1941

Mary Catherine
Born: August 24, 1920
Oelwein, Iowa
Died: October 16, 1982
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
1. Domineck
2. Grady Maynard

Children of Mary and Domineck
Paul Dellaquila
Michael Dellaquila
Linda Dellaquila
Gary Dellaquila
Domineck Dellaquila

Children of Mary and Grady
Roberta Ann Maynard
Randolph Maynard
Kenneth Maynard

Agnes Bernadette
Born: April 05, 1918
Wadena, Iowa
May 08, 1941
Waterloo, Iowa
Ray Fulton

Children of Agnes and Ray
Robert Fulton Watson
Born: May 10, 1944
Waterloo, Iowa
Married: Kathleen
Anne Smith
December 20, 1975
Costa Mesa, California
Michael Ray Watson
Born: July 23, 1946
Waterloo, Iowa

John Patrick
Joyce Jr.
Born: July 03, 1913
Wadena, Iowa
Died: August 27, 1976
San Diego, California
October 25, 1958
San Diego, California
Harriet Alice

Children of John and Harriet
Patrick John Joyce
Born: March 24, 1959
Juanita Marie Joyce
Born: June 28, 1960
Michael Harry Joyce
Born: December 12, 1962
San Diego, California
Died: Decmeber 13, 1976
San Diego, California

William Joyce
Born: May 09, 1915
Wadena, Iowa
March 03, 1957
Betty Masako

Children of William and Betty
Doris Masako Joyce
Born: September 28, 1958
Joseph Edward Joyce
Born: August 17, 1960
Jean Marie Joyce
Born: July 05, 1961
Linda Sue Joyce
Born: April 23, 1965
Mark Ted Joyce
Born: February 11, 1968
Wanita Ann Joyce
Born: May 05, 1969

James Augustine
Born: September 29, 1916
Wadena, Iowa
July 15, 1941
Doris Marie

Children of James and Doris
Patricia Ann Joyce
Born: October 15, 1942
James Albert Joyce
Born: June 07, 1945
Thomas William Joyce
Born: September 18, 1946
Mary Elizabeth Joyce
Born: January 9, 1959

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