Paul Ellsworth Henry
Born: March 25, 1898
Wadena, Iowa
June 30, 1921
Violet Hewitt Hundley
Child of Paul and Violet
Pauline Henry
Born: 1923
Aurora, Iowa
Died: October 24, 1979
Dubuque, Iowa

Clair Bernard Henry
Born: December 13, 1900
Wadena, Iowa
Died: June 27, 1971
Oelwein, Iowa
February 21, 1922
Oelwein, Iowa
Effie Pearl
Children of Clair and Effie
June Frances Henry
Born: May 23, 1923
Waterloo, Iowa
Died: March 05, 1930
Oelwein, Iowa
Doris Veronica Henry
Born: April 18, 1925
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: Thomas Graham
April 12, 1947
Culver City, California
Robert Bernard Henry
Born: September 07, 1926
Canton, Minnesota
Germaine Bellinger
March 07, 1956
Sylmer, California
Wanda Marie Henry
Born: November 10, 1929
1. John Gerard - 1946
2. Harry Ballard - 1955
3. Edward Atkins - 1977
Donald Frances Henry
Born: July 05, 1934
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: Beverly
Jubee Colton
March 12, 1955
Sylmer, California

Edward Patrick Henry
Born: May 25, 1905
Oelwein, Iowa
Died: May 05, 1980
Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 21, 1930
Waterloo, Iowa
Eloise Blanche Slocum

Children of Henry and Eloise
Patricia Ann Henry
Born: July 30, 1931
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: Harold Ludwig
July 10, 1951
Oelwein, Iowa
John Emerson Henry
Born: May 20, 1933
Oelwein, Iowa
Died: January 06, 1954
Woodward, Iowa
Paul Richard Henry
Born: October 26, 1934
Iowa City, Iowa
Married: Nilda Jean Cates
September 05, 1959
Vancouver, Clark,
Marian Frances Henry
Born: June 06, 1936
Iowa City, Iowa
Married: George Roderick
June 26, 1956
Raton, Colfax, N. Mexico
Regina Katherine Henry
Born: July 03, 1937
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: Harold
Lewter Wright
August 10, 1962
Aurora, Colorado
Norma Jean Henry
Born: January 18, 1939
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: Delbert Fred
November 30, 1962
Denver, Colorado
Barbara Joan Henry
Born: June 11, 1940
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: John Paul Evans
January 10, 1963
Denver, Colorado
Lawrence Edward Henry
Born: January 12, 1944
Oelwein, Iowa
Died: May 11, 1964
Denver, Iowa
David Lee Henry
Born: January 28, 1945
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: Linda Diane
December 07, 1978
Banff, Alberta Province,
Stephen James Henry
Born: November 16, 1947
Oelwein, Iowa
Married: April 19, 1969
Denver, Colorado
Constance Marie Henry
Born: July 12, 1951
Ft. Morgan, Colorado
Married: David Glen Reese
March 14, 1978
Fayetteville, No. Carolina
Douglas Patrick Henry
Born: September 13, 1954
Denver, Colorado

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