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James R. Graham
Born: 1791
North Carolina
Died: 1876
Franklin Co., Tennessee
Children of James
Joseph Graham
Born: 1810
James Graham
Born: 1812
William J. Graham
Born: 1814
Sarah E. Graham
Born: 1816
Married: Joel
January 24, 1843
Franklin Co., Tennessee
Elizabeth Graham
Born: 1818
Married: Benjamin W.
March 20, 1849
Franklin Co., Tennessee
Mary J. Graham
Born: 1820

John D. Graham
Born: February 18, 1793
North Carolina
Died: 1848
Marion Co., Tennessee
Aletha Roberts

Child of John and Aletha
James Robert
Born: January 23, 1823

Samuel M. Graham
Born: 1796
Montrose, North Carolina
Died: 1848
September 05, 1814
Greene Co., Tennessee
Phoebe Stanfield

Children of Samuel and Phoebe
Thomas Samuel
Born: August 20, 1820
Died: Tennessee
John Graham
Born: 1823
Henry Graham
Born: 1837
James Graham
Born: 1838
Stephen Graham
Born: 1822
Prudence Graham
Nancy Graham
Mary Graham
Susan Graham
Ruth Jane Graham
Mary Ann Graham

Thomas Jefferson
Born: 1802
North Carolina

Children of Thomas and Rosannah
Catherine Graham
Frances J. Graham
William H. Graham
Born: 1834
Alexander Graham
Born: 1836
Sarah C. Graham
Born: 1837
Thomas Jefferson
Graham Jr.
Born: 1842
Hugh C. Graham
Born: 1842
Susannah Graham
Born: 1844

Joseph Graham
Born: 1804
North Carolina
1. Polly Traildill
2. Alsey Watkins

Children of Joseph
William Graham
Born: 1827
Sarah Graham
Born: 1834
Joseph Graham
Born: 1838

George Washington
Born: 1806

Children of George
Jackson Graham
William Graham
Nancy J. Graham
James E. Graham
Samuel E. Graham
Mary A. Graham
Andrew Graham
Miranda Graham
Born: abt. 1849
Clarissa Graham
Born: abt. 1850
Edward F. Graham
Robert N. Graham
Absolum Graham
Joseph A. Graham

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